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Remembering Dave Sanborn

By May 13, 2024Young Americans

I am heartbroken to share the news of Dave Sanborn’s passing, the remarkable alto saxophonist whose music always makes me smile.

Dave wasn’t just an outstanding musician; he was a great friend. Born just one day apart in 1945, we shared countless memories filled with music and laughter over the years.

I had the honor of playing with him on Bowie’s Young Americans album and throughout 1974 on the Diamond Dogs and Soul Tours. Dave’s playing had a sound unlike any other, with a distinct personality shining through every note on tracks like “Young Americans,” “Win,” and “Sweet Thing / Candidate.”

Dave’s passion for music was relentless. After shows, during bus rides, and on flights together, he was always eager to learn new advanced jazz lines and harmonies. His humility in those moments left a lasting impression on me.

Dave, your legacy will live on but will truly be missed. Rest in peace, my friend.