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50 Years Ago: My First Performance with David Bowie

By September 22, 2022David Bowie

Please join me in sharing my first ever performance of Life on Mars with David. It was 50 years ago to the day that I performed with David for the very first time on the American leg of David’s Ziggy Stardust tour at the Cleveland Music Hall.


  • Rex Leetham says:

    Amazing bit of history! Thanks for sharing.

  • Al L’Heureux says:

    I always loved how your elegant, tasteful playing complimented David’s songs. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. Regards to you, sir. 🙏

  • gary longden says:

    magical, mike.

  • Mike Suliman says:

    Hello, I have an older music book called what is this thing called jazz. I wore out the cassette, is the a digital or cd version? Thanks so much, as I am lost without it on these songs.

  • Mark A Silva says:

    Fantastic Mike. Your piano playing was a pivotal part of my being attracted to Bowie’s music from 1972 forward. Huge fan for 50 years. Sometimes the piano parts are the best part! Thank you for sharing your talent, thank you for leaving your kid with the babysitter that day. and taking that chance (and the heat from your wife). Life defining moment that was.

    So happy that you are still so active and playing as good as ever. Thanks again for your talent, and making my life better.


  • A Laird says:

    Beautiful work.

  • Gary says:

    The original part – which Rick would be the first to admit he can no longer emulate – was wonderful. To hear your interpretation at this point in your work with David goes to show what a uniquely masterful piano player you have always been. Remarkable re-interpretation, absolutely excellent.

  • Bruce Giffin says:

    I was there! WMMS in Cleveland brought him the US on his first concert!

  • Jeromie says:

    I love the harmonic chord stacking that Mike is known for, it adds fresh life , beautiful.

  • Bruce Giffin says:

    I saw you and Bowie in Cleveland in the first concert all those years ago (1972). Of course it made me a lifelong fan…Thank you!