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David Bowie’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” – 1974

By October 22, 2020Young Americans

It was almost impossible to make mistakes playing with David. Who would have known then that we were creating with one of the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries? On some level we did know!

This bonus track from Young Americans is so soulful. I hadn’t heard it since 1975. It’s very deep. Very naked. You would think it was Marvin Gaye or Smokey Robinson. David’s voice on this recording just might be the best of any album. It’s scary how good it is. This English rock star had absorbed America’s soul music in spades. Maybe it was David’s trip to the Apollo Theater in Harlem!

I played a gospel type piano style – which was a good discipline for me as I normally play a lot more notes! This mix was really just piano, bass and drums. Then strings. Then background vocals. Luther Vandross… who knew where his amazing career would end up going? Robin Clarke and Carlos – so incredible and supportive. Sanborn is ridiculous on sax. Andy Newmark, just amazing drumming. The stellar Willie Weeks on bass. What a band!

Sit back and enjoy this one…