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David Bowie’s “Bring Me the Disco King” – 2003

By October 20, 2020October 23rd, 2020David Bowie, Realiy

This one makes me want to cry.

This song is so unknown by the general public that it’s pathetic. Here is a live version I hadn’t seen before. When I was performing this piece with David, I never got to see his expressions and his joy of the music. This is another exceedingly haunting version of Disco King. David did this song as an encore. What rock artist would ever have the balls to close a show with a simple duet like this? Tell me that’s not INTEGRITY.

Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts…

One Comment

  • Paul Joseph Simmons says:

    What a bridge
    What a maddening Prequel to

    Stands a solitary candle
    In the Center of it all