Mike Garson

The Bowie Variations

Released July 12, 2011

Having played the Bowie songbook in concert countless times, Mike Garson always had the ambition to record his own original variations on his well-known themes and this has now come to fruition with his Bowie Variations album. Thanks to advanced digital technology, Garson was able to create several exciting sonic overlays with an audiophile approach to recording.


“Whatever Mike lends his hands to invariably becomes something magical.” –David Bowie

“Perfect. It flows with an impressionistic fluidity that mirrors Bowie’s career.” -Downbeat Magazine

“A Jazz-loving audiophile’s dream; great musician, inspired playing and jaw-dropping sound quality. A must have!” – Stereophile

“The best-sounding piano disc I have ever encountered. Yes, this recording is that good. If you’re a Bowie fan, you should hear this disc. If you’re a fan of jazz you should, too. Even if you just want to hear just how good a CD can sound, with a disc able to push your system to its limits, this is one you should have.” – What Hi-Fi

“We go from one vista to another, sans checkpoints and borders, which was Bowies preferred mode of music travel, as Garson well knows.”  -JazzTimes

“Garson doesn’t just do straight jazz treatments of these tunes; he moves thru classical, pop and even avant-garde genres here and there. – Audiophile Audition

“Gorgeous sound, an exquisite recording.” – HiFi News

“Magnificently captivating. It’s a living, breathing creature disguised as an album — it shows semi-describable passion and brings you the rare feeling of intimacy with its sounds. It stuns with its presence.” -Zouch Magazine

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