David Bowie

Aladdin Sane

Released April 13, 1973

Aladdin Sane was David Bowie’s sixth studio album, ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 greatest albums of all time and by Pitchfork as one of the top 100 albums of the 1970s. This album is notable for its exploration of unusual styles such as avant-garde jazz and Brechtian cabaret – both dominated by Mike Garson’s acclaimed piano work on such tracks as Time, Lady Grinning Soul and the album’s title track.


“Aladdin Sane was the first album that I played on with David. Its iconic album cover features what is likely the most famous photo of David of all time. I hadn’t understood the amazing impact of this album for decades because at the time I was hired as a studio musician and hadn’t heard the recording for years to come. History has shown me a lot. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.” -Mike Garson

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