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David Bowie and band

On February 24, 2016, Sterling, Gail, Gerry, Catherine, Earl and I performed a tribute to David during the Brit Awards. The experience of playing again with my bandmates was surreal. It was so good to be back together with David’s final band – and with Lorde who David really liked. I love this group so much.

It had been a secret whirlwind with a few weeks of preparation to plan this surprise for you all. Everyone was there but David. As a band, we practiced for at least 100 hours for that six minute performance. We wouldn’t have been able to perform if we hadn’t had all of our full focus on that performance. We held back so many tears. To honor David with Lorde’s performance and the band’s arrangement was so gratifying.

I hope it was cathartic for the whole planet. We only wanted to do justice to David. I hope we did.

Photo by Total Blam Blam


  • Paul Hayward says:

    It was a very fitting tribute to David. The whole band and Lorde should be very proud of your performance. It must have been difficult for you all.

    Thank you to you all.

  • Pete Thorburn says:

    Mike, it was absolutely brilliant . I, like so many , spent my teenage years completely captivated by David Bowie, and was lucky enough to see him live on four different occasions. His legacy lives on , my daughters, who have been indoctrinated from an early age, both adore him. Keep on spreading the joy.. what you’re doing with the Celebration Guys is fabulous ⚡️💙⚡️