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My Final Performance with David Bowie

By November 9, 2021David Bowie

Today marks fifteen years to the day that I played piano with David Bowie for the Black Ball benefit concert having no idea it would be his final public performance. I was honored to be with him that night, just like I was back in 1972 for my audition to join his band. Both my first performance for David and my final performance with him were playing his song Changes. “Time may change me but I can’t trace time…”


  • Velma Sandry says:

    What a delicious menory! I am such a fan of Bowie and saw him a bunch of times each show more exciting every time!
    Thanks for sharing Mike.

  • Patty Barany says:

    This song lives in my soul. Thank you for the beautiful music.

  • Ray Lobo says:

    Thank You for your music and all those performings with David. Great memories… ah Changes! I hear it since i was a boy!