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My First Ever Performance with David Bowie

By September 22, 2021David Bowie

Wow! Can you believe it!? Please join me in sharing my first ever performance of Life on Mars with David. It was 49 years ago to the day that I performed with David for the very first time. It was the American leg of David’s Ziggy Stardust tour at the Cleveland Music Hall.


  • mike malcolm says:

    Amazing you found a copy of your first gig with him…a bootleg no doubt…I wonder how your treatment of the song changed over the decades….very nicely played here though.

  • Jennifer Neel says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I wasn’t even a blip in my fathers eye yet. So to be able to hear and be immersed in your first performance here in the States, ah, I’m speechless. Your piano playing was immaculate. Please keep sharing with us.

    Thanks again so very much

  • Irene Doig says:

    What can I say. Takes me back to the seventies and my love for Ziggy. Totally love this, blown away. Thank you Mike

  • Eric Schreeck says:

    Hello, Cleveland! Thank you for this, Mr. Garson.

  • Ross Tyson Jackson says:


  • What a beautiful time. Still brings back that same feeling.

  • parkes casselbury says:

    I enjoy and appreciate all of your posts. Please keep entertaining the world!

  • Andy Johnson says:

    Thanks for this Mike, must bring back a host of memories

  • Leonard North says:

    David’s young young voice- wow.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙏.
    Piano wasn’t bad either 😂