Well this video brings back some great memories. Conducting the band is not my normal default - it's amazing to see myself, and doing that, from way back when. I'm also reminded that I had a pretty nice head of hair back then. Perhaps I should invest in a nice wig?

From left: Carlos Alomar, Dennis Davis, Mike Garson, Emir Ksasan, Pablo Rosario, David Sanborn, Earl Slick

That was such a great band… Listen to Dennis Davis - so great on drums, Dave Sanborn on alto sax and Carlos Alomar playing guitar - the greatest groove player I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Pablo Rosario the great percussionist. Emir Ksasan on guitar held it down nicely. Earl "Slicky" Slick was young, hungry and so great. The background singers were wonderful. Luther Vandross singing background, Robin Clark singing background - what an amazing voice she had. All the background singers were wonderful. I really could go on and on.

We were called the Mike Garson Band. If I was smarter, I would've gotten my own record deal after that tour, but this old musician had no business sense.