Mike Garson

It's hard to believe that we performed this 19 years ago. This was for the GQ Awards in 1997 and the sound was quite good. It's one of the jazziest arrangements we ever did as a band and it's also fairly long.

Reeves plays such amazingly creative guitar on this. Zach is as solid as they come on drums with such a great feel. Our beautiful Gail has the simplest but most deep grooves and pockets that can exist in the bass world.

My piano playing was jazzier than normal. If there ever was a question of jazz elements in David's music - well, I was doing that as early as 1972. And heavily on the Outside and Earthling albums which were totally underrated, as well as Disco King on the Reality album. Whoever thought jazz didn't appear in Bowie's world until Blackstar must have been having a brain freeze.


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